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Market Entry

Companies that are considering market entry are faced with a bewildering number and variety of issues and activities. Do we go it alone, find a partner or sell through a distributor? How much do we invest? Who are our customers? How do we approach them? First steps and early decisions have a lasting impact on the business and may even determine ultimate success or failure of the venture.

With that in mind, Foxmark begins the process by working to thoroughly understand your business as well as the associated service, product or technology. When we reach a clear understanding of the fit and opportunity in Japan, we then work with you to jointly develop a tailored plan of market entry, followed by first steps of plan implementation. Frequently, these initial activities involve identifying a local partner or an initial, anchor, customer. Foxmark has a comprehensive range of contacts in most industries from which to draw upon as it considers the most appropriate fit for your particular requirements.

Foxmark´s activities do not end upon deal completion. We continue to work with you as the venture transitions past the initial honeymoon period and you encounter the realities of operating in Japan. With Foxmark´s follow-through process of providing ongoing management support services, we minimize business risk and are on hand to catch problems before they become unmanageable. Our clients have found this to be an invaluable service which helps to ensure smooth communication between all parties as the business goes through inevitable growing pains.

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Market Entry

Japan is the land of relationships. Important components of a successful market entry strategy include face-to-face meetings, direct and frequent business interaction, as well as late evening discussions over dinner. However, physical presence is an extremely costly proposition. Office space, personnel and paperwork all add up to a significant upfront investment of time and money at a time when a new venture is in its most formative stage.

When a company has made the decision to operate in Japan, but lacks the infrastructure, Foxmark is available to act as the branch office. Japanese business cards can be made with a local address and phone number. The corporate web site can show the company´s Tokyo headquarters. Bilingual staff will answer the phones. And, senior managers at Foxmark will work with the company to develop and execute a market entry and sales strategy. By pairing this with Foxmark´s Market Entry activities, a company can efficiently develop a local business without the immediate hassle of day-to-day management.

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Business Restructuring

Foxmark provides specialized Business and Relationship Restructuring consulting services.

A broken, damaged or merely strained relationship can paralyze a business. Joint ventures that once seemed so perfect can deteriorate unexpectedly, leaving the both parties with few practical options.

There eventually comes a time when interests diverge or other opportunities and options need to be considered. Unfortunately, seldom does this coincide with timing specified in a contract. And, seldom do contracts anticipate or allow for the exact changes needed in a relationship. Even if perfectly timed and executed, a business restructuring can damage existing relationships right at the point when the company is looking to expand.

Having experienced these issues first hand, Foxmark is able to provide consulting and intermediation services for clients with special needs. We understand the sensitive and critical nature of business renegotiations and can work with both Japanese and foreign clients to re-structure a relationship to the satisfaction of both parties.

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U.S. Market Entry

As Asia continues to develop into an economic powerhouse, more companies are looking to expand into the United States. For companies interested in American opportunities, Foxmark also provides market entry services similar to those we offer for companies expanding into Japan. Since Foxmark is located in Japan, with resources in the United States, starting a conversation about opportunities in America is just a subway ride away for our Tokyo clients and, at most, one time zone and a direct flight away for clients in other parts of Asia.

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M & A Consulting

Foxmark provides consulting, support and negotiation services for corporations, venture capital and hedge fund companies looking for buyout and investment opportunities. The company has an extensive network of executive-level contacts across industries, and is adept at matching needs with opportunities. Foxmark also assists companies soliciting for acquisition, and will advise these clients under a blanket of strict confidentiality.

Foxmark´s activities do not end when a profile company has been identified - often that is when a company needs even more specialized help. Japanese firms have a historical reluctance towards acquisition so the plan of approach and engagement process are key elements that strongly influence the ultimate outcome. As the Japanese proverb says, "Many strokes fell great oaks" and Foxmark pursues a strategy of patience, persistence and mutual respect in its dealings with these companies. To that end, Foxmark assists clients in the delicate, lengthy and highly confidential process of relationship and trust building prior to and during business negotiations. Only when the objective has been reached to the satisfaction of all parties will Foxmark step away from active involvement.

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Retail Operations

Foxmark offers companies in the retail & service sectors the option of executing operations on their behalf in Japan through its wholly-owned subsidiary arm, Foxmark Retail Service, K.K. (FRS). Working closely with Foxmark, FRS provides custom-tailored management & operations services to food & beverage, apparel or other retail sectors. With a wealth of experience from working with multiple retail brands & a deep understanding of how western & Japanese businesses operate, Foxmark & FRS bring about the customer experience & brand exposure which international companies seek to introduce in the Japanese market.

About Foxmark Retail Service:http://foxmark-retail.co.jp/

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