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Japan´s reputation as a challenging market is well deserved. The country has, among other things, culturally defined business practices, a circuitous distribution system, and specialized product and systems customization requirements. These factors, coupled with a significant language barrier and one of the highest costs of living in the world, combine to confound businesses trying to devise an effective market entry strategy. Even companies with an existing presence in Japan often find themselves confronted with unexpected situations that could limit or even halt activities, damaging carefully cultivated reputations. Or, conversely, companies may be presented with new opportunities that require careful and subtle counsel to gain the fullest benefit.

Foxmark has years of experience working with a broad spectrum of industries and provides an equally broad range of services. Each client is unique, and engagement terms are custom tailored to fit the requirements of the task at hand. A sample of our services is outlined here for your consideration. Please contact Foxmark for individualized consultation.

  • Market Entry
  • Local Representation
  • Business Restructuring
  • U.S. Market Entry
  • M & A Consulting
  • Retail Operations

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